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Capture Systems can provide a set of software and hardware solutions in order to complete your system and let you focus on the main aspects related to your application specific implementation.


Capture Control Panel

Capture Control Panel, is an integrated software platform for operating systems produced by Capture-Systems ltd.
Capture Control Panel provides a complete environment for testing, integration and usage for the systems manufactured by Capture.
With a simple interface, you can access all the various features of the system for easy and convenient use for each user.
The application includes a simple connection to Capture Systems' products and provides a series of features for an optimal and accessible operation of the system. Some of the features are:

  • Support for all Capture Systems products.
    The application connects to the system using an Ethernet–TCP communication protocol.

  • Full control over all of the system axes.

  • Real time sensor readings information (if installed).

  • The ability to save points of interest (presets) for quick sending.

  • The ability to save targets of interest (GPS coordinates in LLA format) for quick sending.

In order to get a copy of Capture's user interface please contact us.
User manuals and related documentation can be found in our downloads page.



The CAP-LIB library is a collection of functions allowing the user to implement the control of their system on a PC application.
The library contains .DLL files that can be integrated in a host application written in C#.
Realized as a collection of high-level functions, the library allows you to focus on the main aspects related to your application specifc implementation, and to simply use the system and execute motion commands by activating
appropriate functions from the library.

In order to get a copy of Cap-Lib please contact us.
User manuals and related documentation can be found in our downloads page.



The CAP-STICK is a remote analog control unit for Capture's dual axis and triple axis products.

CAP-STICK Features:

- Two / Three dimensional Joystick control

- Arrow buttons for very small movements

- 5 predefined speeds (depend on the selected pedestal capabilities)

- 5 presets 

- 24V DC Input

- IP65

- Connects to the Pedestal via Ethernet cable

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