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CAP-TRACK Internal Controller

Our control mechanism is designed to provide the interface between the user application and the gimbal.
In each system an internal controller, called CAP-TRACK, is integrated. This controller receives all the sensors' information, summarizes the values, sends a command to the current amplifier to conduct a motion, then verifies the error and adapts a new command.
The rhythms we perform this sequence in are between 50Hz to 100Hz.

The current amplifier is designed to push current to the motors in a fixed or changing PWM frequency. The PWM frequency depends on system requirements and the feedback mechanism. Our feedback mechanism can use potentiometers, resolvers or encoders in order to close the speed and position loops.

In order to allow you to focus on the main aspects related to your application-specific implementation, we developed the Capture Control Panel.
Capture Control Panel is an integrated software platform for operating systems produced by Capture Systems ltd. Our software provides a complete environment for testing, integration and usage of the systems manufactured by Capture. With a simple interface, you can access all the various features of the system for an easy and convenient use by each user.
A joystick control unit can be connected to our system, allowing the movement of the gimbal to be very simple and precise.

Communication with our gimbal is very simple and easy through our communication protocol. We can also provide a dedicated user interface that our clients can characterize.
Our gimbals support the following communication protocols:

  • Ethernet-TCP

  • RS-232

  • RS-422

  • RS-485 / Pelco - D

  • Onvif - Under development

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