Pan Tilt - Lynx Standard

Lynx portable pedestal is small, light and designed to be carried easily by a single person.

This small, yet robust, pedestal packs all the benefits of our precision positioning mechanisms into small economic package. Due to its size to weight ratio, the Lynx is capable of supporting payloads of up to 40kg while maintaining perfect percision and movement. Built-in control electronics and software provide a precise, smooth motion at all speeds, while an integrated slipring allows a continuous rotation on the yaw axis.

Our SELF-LOCK-SYSTEM will guarantee that you save your position even in case of a power off.


General Specification

Shape   L - Shape
Dimensions L x W x H [mm] 345x 143x 311
Self Mass [kg] ~10.5
Payload mass (balanced) [kg] 40
Payload Type   Antenna, Camera, Radar, Satellite
Operation Temperature [Co] (-40) - (+55)
Storage Temperature [Co] (-40) - (+70)
Humidity [%] 95
Environmental Protection   IP65
Electrical Parameters
Supply Voltage [V]  24
Nomical Current Consumption [A] 4
Max Current Consumption [A] 6
Motion Control
Yaw Movement [deg] N x 360o (Continuous with Slipring) or Upto 345o (without Slipring)
Pitch Movement [deg] Up to 360o (Payload dependent)
Max Acceleration [deg/sec2] 100
Max Speed (balanced) [deg/sec] 0.1-20
Resolution [deg] 0.0007
Accuracy [deg] ±0.1
Position Encoder Type - Incremental
Stabilization Accuracy [deg] ±1
Stabilization Sensor   IMU 
GPS  [UTM / LLA]  GPS Position & Heading data at both UTM & LLA formats
GPS Stabilization by Datum point [deg] ±1
Communication Protocol  

- Ethernet - TCP

- RS-232

- RS-422

- RS-485 / Pelco-D